YUi Ramen House reopens doors in Dubai Design District with all-new look and menu

The traditional Japanese ramen house has re-opened in Dubai Design District with completely new interiors and refreshed menu by newly appointed Head Chef Masanori Ito. The UAE’s first handmade ramen house, YUi, has re-opened its noren doors in Dubai Design District with all-new interiors, a refreshed menu and a newly appointed head chef at the helm of the kitchen. From the creator of multi-brand concept store, Selectshop FRAME – which neighbours YUi in D3 – the ramen house has undergone a complete renovation by Japanese architects SCHEMATA, led by Jo Nagasaka Bringing a fully transformed look and feel, the new YUi presents uniquely simplistic interiors that are inspired by unorthodox core materials such as light gauge stud and plywood. Stepping away from all things superficial, YUi’s designer set out to create a raw space where the authenticity of materials could be showcased – ultimately delivering a relaxing place where diners can feel at ease and undistracted by surroundings while fully enjoying true Japanese flavours. Everything from the cutlery to the crockery has been updated at YUi. Expect hasami-yaki ceramics originating from Hasami City in Nagasaki to wow with its deep colouring and diverse design – bringing with it over 400 years of history being embedded in Japan’s traditional culinary scene. Diners will find these bowls full to the brim with perfected, deep Japanese flavours prepared by YUi’s new head chef Masanori Ito and his brigade that comprises speciality ramen chefs. Serving up ramen, bao, yakitori, agemono, gyoza and more, the menu at YUi presents a range of Japanese dishes created using only the highest quality of ingredients, sourced from handpicked suppliers in Japan and local UAE-based farms, forgoing any artificial ingredients or preservatives to ensure a true-in-taste dish, every order. Remaining honest to Japanese culinary traditions and flavours, YUi’s ramen noodles are made fresh in-house daily using Japanese flour and are aged for one day to offer firmness in texture, while signature broths are simmered for 10 hours per day to unlock rich flavours and are created using 100% halal chicken, fresh clams and other local ingredients on a daily basis. With a wide range of ramen to choose from, highlights include the YUi Original that first appeared on the menu in 2018 and has been a fan-firm favourite to date. Combining a rich paitan broth with yakiniku rib eye beef and spicy moyashi bean sprouts, this ramen is a sure-fire crowd pleaser – as is the Tantanmen with tender minced miso chicken in a rich broth with warming sesame-peanut paste. For vegetarians, the Miso Veggie ramen boasts a 100% vegetable-based miso broth and includes sweet corn, bok choy, wakame and more. A new addition to YUi’s kitchen is its speciality yakitori grill that was flown in from Japan. Delivering sizzling-good aromas across the restaurant, the yakitori grill offers up mouth-watering skewers including Wagyu beef tip with onion mizore sauce, chicken mince and onsen egg, chicken thigh with spring onion, meaty king oyster mushroom and more. For ramen-loving diners looking to rediscover or experience a taste of YUi for the first time, the ramen house is now open and welcoming guests for dine-in at its location in D3, while its dishes can be ordered for home delivery in the neighbouring areas via Deliveroo. YUi is located at Ground Floor of Building 7, Dubai Design District, Dubai, and is open for lunch and dinner from 12pm to 10.30pm, daily. For further information, please call 042434217, visit selectshopframe.com/pages/yui or follow @yui_dxb on Instagram.