Five key trends to expect in the F&B industry this year

UAE Restaurant consultancy, Restaurant Secrets Inc. says Dubai will see the heightened openings of delivery-only brands, the launch of more community-driven outlets in new neighbourhoods and licensed restaurants in residential areas, as well as the continued export of homegrown brands to international markets and furthered demand for health-conscious concepts and plant-based products this year Looking at the year ahead UAE restaurant consultancy, Restaurant Secrets Inc.’s founder & CEO, Gabrielle F. Mather shares her outlook on 2022’s top trends in F&B and where the industry will witness substantial growth this year. Rise of delivery-only brands Delivery brands will find better representation and standardization of aggregator fees at negotiated industry standards this year, as we see the launch of more delivery-only concepts. As the landscape of how we dine at home and work changes positively, the delivery business is seeing a renaissance in the quality and variety of offerings available. We forecast the shift to a four-and-a-half-day work week and emphasis on life/work balance to be a game changer to how people invest their leisure hours. With more time and disposable income, couples, singles and families will order in more than ever. It’s the best time to launch high quality delivery brands. More non-licensed standalone brands in new neighbourhoods New neighbourhood locations will become prime options for non-licensed standalone brands in 2022 as the city expands and demand for suburban living rises, bringing with it an audience looking for accessibly-priced, family-friendly restaurants close to their homes. Further openings of licensed venues in residential areas More licensed restaurants in prime neighborhoods with licensed pavilions will emerge in 2022, as Dubai residents living in communities around the city seek to enjoy a quality F&B offering without having to travel too far from their place of residence. Continued international export of Dubai homegrown brands As more and more quality, original concepts are born and successfully operated in Dubai, we will witness the continued export of homegrown brands to international markets – particularly to KSA, London and other major destinations. A demand for health-driven concepts and plant-based products 2022 will bring a heightened look at health-driven dining experiences, with high demand for immunity booster juices, nutritious menu items, as well as plant-based products, as consumers become increasingly educated on what they are putting in their bodies, as well as being more mindful about food nutrition because of health risks from viruses like Covid-19. For more information about Restaurant Secrets Inc. call +971 56 216 1511, e-mail [email protected], visit or follow @restaurantsecretsinc on social media.