Restaurant Secrets Inc. announces three new turn-key restaurant projects set for Abu Dhabi

UAE-based restaurant consultancy Restaurant Secrets Inc. has revealed the capital will soon see the opening of three new restaurants – M1, Oii and Tazal Leading F&B firm Restaurant Secrets Inc. has revealed three of its latest turn-key restaurant projects, which are set to open in Abu Dhabi in the coming months. Scheduled to open doors by year-end is M1 Café & Lounge, an ultra-modern venue located in Al Bateen. Comprising three floors, M1 welcomes guests to its café on level one, a main dining lounge on level two, and an exclusive private members’ social club on level three. All-day dining takes place at the café, where an approachable menu features casual bites, while M1’s dining lounge opens for lunch and dinner with a unique yet familiar menu inviting guests to lounge, graze and relax. At the private members’ social club on level three, exquisite food and drinks will be served along with a VIP individualized service. The luxurious facility features a lounge, meeting room, and two private dining rooms. Soon to follow in Abu Dhabi’s newest destination, Al Qana is a Southern European-inspired restaurant and café called Oii, which will present the food, ambiance and service styles found in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy. Oii, meaning ‘Hey’ in Portuguese, is a place that instantly welcomes and relaxes its guests – offering Mediterranean charm, friendly conversations and tables laden with lots of great food to share. The third concept set for opening early next year in Al Qana is Tazal, a place dedicated to cultivating culture and relationships through coffee and food. Driven by a passion to revive and reassert Arabic heritage, Tazal’s offering will be narrated through the proud origin of coffee and the warmth of baking from the heart, brought together in an urban, modern venue. Gabrielle F. Mather, CEO & Founder of Restaurant Secrets Inc. and Cornerstone 61 Consultancy said, “We are delighted to announce these three new projects, each of which will bring its own individuality and uniqueness to the Abu Dhabi dining scene. Abu Dhabi is seeing a renaissance in its F&B journey and we are privileged to be part of this in such a tremendous way. All three turn-key projects are a testimony to the resilience and grit of F&B entrepreneurs and the nation’s support to businesses. It’s a great way to wrap up 2021 and welcome in 2022 with a newer and more exciting era of dining post-pandemic.” For more information about Restaurant Secrets Inc. call +971 56 216 1511, e-mail [email protected], visit or follow @restaurantsecretsinc on social media.