Exclusive dry age beef burger experience debuts at High Joint

Dubai’s homegrown burger brand, High Joint has launched an interactive dry age beef burger experience at its Al Khawaneej branch

Taking Dubai’s burger scene to the next level, homegrown brand High Joint has launched an all-new, interactive dry aged beef burger experience at its Al Khawaneej branch.

After months of flavour development and taste testing at the High Labs, where meat is dry aged from 21 to 63 days to create different levels of beefy intensity, High Joint now welcomes guests to indulge in the ultimate burger experience.

Most commonly known for its use with steaks, dry aging takes beef on a maturing process to heighten the intensity of its flavour which occurs when a natural enzymatic breakdown takes place and tenderizes the meat, followed by an evaporation of moisture that leaves a distinctively more profound tasting product.

Meat specialists at the High Lab then take this piece of meat and grind it to bring out its flavours and richness, to produce something special to savour with each bite.

The interactive experience is priced at AED 160 per person and includes a show of meat trimming, mincing, tasting, and live cooking, with a side of drinks and fries.

From a passion project by three Emiratis that started as a hole-in-the-wall in Al Manara nearly three years ago, High Joint has established a firm reputation for continuing to push boundaries when it comes to burgers. Capturing the hearts, minds and stomachs of Dubai residents through its commitment to serving high quality, great tasting ingredients, with its burgers prepared using a mix of 100% fresh, 100% GMO and antibiotic-free premium quality prime cuts that are all grinded in-house.

Seats for this exclusive experience at High Joint in Al Khawaneej are limited and booking is required.

For more information on the Dry Age Experience at High Joint visit highjoint.com or follow @high.joint on social media. High Joint at Al Khawaneej Branch is open Sunday-Wednesday from 11am – 2am, and Thursday – Saturday from 12pm – 3am, and Friday from 1pm – 3am. Call 04 546 3123.