Get to know: Chef Mariam Almansoori

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Chef-Owner of Montauk Boutique Café & Restaurant in Abu Dhabi, Mariam Almansoori’s passion and artistry is ingrained into every aspect of the homegrown brand. Here, she shares her journey with us.

Chef Mariam Almansoori discovered her passion for cooking at an early age while spending time in the kitchen with her parents and watching Julia Childs on television. Born and raised in United Arab Emirates, the Emirati national has always dreamt of one day opening her own restaurant, and took the steps to make it happen in 2021 when she opened the doors to Montauk Boutique Café & Restaurant in Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi.

As a mother and a wife, family is incredibly dear to Mariam’s heart – an element of which the foundations of Montauk were built upon. She cites her family as her biggest inspiration, in and out of the kitchen, sharing: “I wouldn’t be here without the encouragement and support of my family, especially my husband who has been by my side every step of the way – because of him my dream has become a reality, and I’ll be forever thankful for him.”

Preparing meals a plenty for her family and friends, Mariam’s cookery is wholesome, soulful and made with love. Cooking with fresh ingredients, Mariam creates simple, honest recipes that marry traditional cooking methods with international cuisines. She shares one of her favourite, nostalgia-sparking dishes as shakshuka – a dish that her family would share for breakfast during her childhood, and one which can be found on Montauk’s menu.

Commenting on the opening of Montauk, the restaurants Chef-Owner expressed: “At Montauk, our home is your home – it’s an extension of our family living room where it’s a welcoming and cozy. I feel incredibly proud to be bringing a touch of local culture to the outlet and my personal Emirati heritage.”

When Mariam isn’t in the kitchen at Montauk, she’s enjoying time with her family, travelling to experience new cuisines, and flying the flag for her very own abaya brand, Begsha Fashion.